Looking to boost your child’s reading, writing, or math skills?

Whether your student is behind or ahead, Laika Pro Tutoring can help design a customized plan to improve their reading, writing or math skills.  We put to work over six years of primary education experience to develop and implement personalized learning plans.  Located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, we can work directly with local students or develop plans to be implemented half-way around the world. 


We offer a variety of services for primary students to prepare them to succeed in today's academic world.  Our primary focus is on K-6 students with a goal of improving core skills in reading, writing and math.

Tutoring Qualifications

Jenna Conner is an award winning elementary school teacher with over six years experience in the Douglas County School District (Colorado).  She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education and received a Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix in Curriculum and Instruction.  She was awarded the 2007 Apple Award for outstanding teacher.  Her students have consistently progressed academically while under her instruction.

Since leaving the teaching profession to be a full-time mother Jenna has worked with students to further prepare them for the rigors of today's changing world.

For more information, please contact us directly at connerje@laikaprodesign.com or 720.273.0410.